New releases and features are published there first. If you run a private node, you should subcribe to this account.
Apr 16 2019
A new utility has been written called email-log. email-log is a fake SMTP server which logs all messages it receives. Combined with iptables REDIRECT feature, it can intercept emails sent by the exim lxc0 container.

In pre-production mode, bo-manager generates proper iptables rules and starts the email-log daemon. This allows one to test most functionalities without sending out email for real (account creation, email notifications, monitoring messages, ...). The emails are logged into /var/log/email-log.log.
Mar 28 2019
Tools for database cleanup of old messages are now working.

    bolixo-production deleteoldmsgs --test

will show how many messages must be deleted for each account, each folder. then

    bolixo-production deleteoldmsgs --doit

Mar 23 2019
It is now possible to turn instrumentation on and off for all services. Previously, only the bod service supported the feature. It was extended to bo-writed, bo-sessiond, bo-publishd, bolixod, bo-mon.

To turn them all on or off, you can use the following command:

    bolixo-production instrument 0|1

We have released a solution today to automate the integration of RSS feeds as Bolixo accounts.

The Bolixo account creation is automated by the script create-rss-accounts. The scripts retrieve the mini-photo and logo of the site, create the accounts and publish it in the directory.

The rss-scan utility, executed once per hour scans the RSS feeds, identifies new
Mar 22 2019
It is now possible to build the bolixo package with instrumentation (collects performance statistics about RPCs).

Instead of
    make buildrpm
just do
    make buildrpm_instrument

Mar 21 2019
There were only two cases of C++ new and delete in the bolixo project. Using smart pointers (shared_ptr), no more delete.
A new command was added to bolixo-production script.

    bolixo-production restart most

It is used to restart all services except the databases. It starts by asking the bo-keysd daemon passphrase (used to decrypt the users' private key). Then it proceeds without interaction. At the end, it sets back the passphrase. Note that this can be done anytime, any hour of the day. No web requests will be denied or
A new function has been added: add_to_instrument(). It is a way to append some textual information in the instrumentation file.

Instrumentation files are used to record RPC performance.
Were are using more features of the new C++. Using variadic templates, we designed a generic
function called is_any_of. You just replace the following code

if (a == b || a == c || a == d || ...){
if (is_any_of(a,b,c,d)){

Feb 26 2019
We just released a version of Bolixo that correctly handle scroll bar states.

When you move from TAB to TAB the scroll bar position is preserved. It is even preserved if you close a TAB. When you reopen it, you are back where you were. Bolixo is a web application that behaves in many ways like a desktop program.
Feb 1 2019
Major rework of the profile section. Now it uses the same 3 panes as the rest. Forms have been enhanced.
The whole thing now work nicely on mobile as well. The account dialog is still too large though.
Jan 31 2019
Documentation for UI is now done. It also describes the differences when running
on mobile devices. It talks about the swipes (large and small) to cycle
through the panes and the tabs.

Jan 27 2019
The UI on mobile is slowly getting there. Now the talk TAB is usable.
We have to complete the documentation.
Jan 22 2019
Support for mobile is starting to work. Normally, the screen is split in 3 sections:
-Subject list (groups, projects)
-One subject
-Document of this subject.

In the mobile version, you see one section at once and you swipe right and left to
Jan 17 2019
The English documentation is now more complete. The bofs command line tool
covers a good part of the webapi protocol. It is possible to post messages and copy files back and forth.