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Jul 30 2020
svn commit 4072

Whiteboard; the following topics have been added to the documentation.

The buttons controlling the font size.
The button to assign an image to a whiteboard element.
The button to link a document to a rectangular board element.

M web/document.hcc
M web/document_fr.hcc
M web/images-doc/whiteboard-menu.jpg
Jul 27 2020
svn commit 4070

Whiteboard: It is now possible to change the font size of either all texts or selected one. Two buttons have been added to the button bar. One increase the font size and the other decrease it.

If some elements are selected, the font size modification applies to those elements. If not elements are selected, then the font change is applied to all texts.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
Jul 13 2020
svn commit 4065

The whiteboard let you assign an image to a rectangle or ellipse. The image may be taken from the web (with proper URL) or from the same Bolixo project as the whiteboard.

The whiteboard support document linking in rectangles. So you can display a part of a spreadsheet or a chess game on your drawing.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
Jul 12 2020
svn commit 4064

whiteboard: Prototype of document linking. You can attach documents or games to rectangular elements of the whiteboard. You can then move the document around, resize them. This is a way to enhance a whiteboard once it is complete. Or this is a new usage for the whiteboard (twisted usage maybe). It turns the whiteboard into a presentation system.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
Jul 6 2020
svn commit 4062

The spreadsheet is now usable for simple projects. You can edit the format of a column using a dialog. You have control over horizontal alignment, number decimals and column width.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
M doc_calc.h
M doc_calc.tlcc
Jun 30 2020
svn commit 4048

doc_whiteboard: the menu bar has text explanation popping when you pass over a button.
doc_calc: A popup dialog allows you to control line/column insertion/deletion.
doc_calc: Basic support for document linking. The spreadsheet may be linked in the word processor. The display is still broken though. But content changes dynamically.
doc_calc: The display now works on Chrome (and Firefox).
Jun 28 2020
svn commit 4046

The spreadsheet is far (far far) from complete, but starts to work normally. The user interface allows editing of cells and navigation. It is multi-user.

Cell formulas are working with a standard syntax, including conditionals (if). So far only four functions have been implemented: sum, min, max and avg.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
M doc_calc.h
Jun 17 2020
svn commit 4040

All sscanfs were removed from the Bolixo project. They were safe, but they were replaced by the cooler C++ template splitline() from the tlmp project. splitline and splitlineq are completely safe and supports int,unsigned,bool and string. sscanf can't support string. Further, splitline has companion template function limits() and enums() allowing one to specify constraints for the parameter. Here is an example:

unsigned a1,a2;
May 30 2020
svn commit 4010

The web and web-fail components are now configured to use gzip to compress the HTML produced by Bolixo. This reduces the size of pages up to 10 times. Pages average size is now around 10k.

M bo-manager.tlcc
M update-script
May 28 2020
svn commit 4005

The chess game has been reworked to better use the SVG viewbox. The look of the board is now the same whatever the actual size of the grid.

The chess game may be embedded in another document (the word processor for now). This is not that useful, but comes from a generalization of the way the chess game is done.

M doc_chess.tlcc
M doc_whiteboard.tlcc
May 26 2020
svn commit 4003

When loading a document in documentd, documentd checks if the document is embedding other documents. If this is the case and some documents are not already loaded, it reports back to bod the name of missing documents. bod loads those sub-documents as well.

When "document-control deleteoldmsgs" is called, it does two passes to remove old documents from documentd. This is so because documentd won't remove a document if it is embedded in another document. After two passes, the parent documents a
May 25 2020
svn commit 4002

Document embedding is getting closer to usefulness.

At this point the word processor can embed whiteboard views (only view A1 for now). The word processor can embed multiple whiteboard including multiple views of the same whiteboard.

(Given that the word processor is not ready for prime time, this is not so useful :- ( ).

Currently, embedding means that content is shown in the container document and u
May 20 2020
svn commit 3997

whiteboard: better handling of lines (arrows). Before, lines were properly placed on the parent and were all pointing to the same point on the child. Now they are properly distributed around the child as well as around the parent. Further, lines originating from an element and to this element are properly organized to avoid crossing.

M doc_whiteboard.tlcc
M scripts/
May 19 2020
svn commit 3993

When a document or game is deleted, bod send a request to the document server to delete the game if it has a copy. While doing so, documentd will send a notification popup to all users having this document opened. The popup explains that the document has been deleted. It tells the name of the user who did this. It also reminds the users that the document may be undeleted.

M bod.tlcc
M bolixo.dic
May 18 2020
svn commit 3992

whiteboard: There is now a 4x4 grid of boards. You navigate between those boards using page up and down and the keyboard arrows. The button used to clear the board may clear selectively all the boards at once or only the current one.

M bolixo.dic
M bolixo.m
M doc_whiteboard.tlcc
M messages/fr/bolixo.dic
May 17 2020
svn commit 3991

We can now delete a document/game currently managed by documentd. We make sure the document is saved, then it is deleted from documentd and Bolixo. We can un-delete the file anyway later.

bolixo-arch scans the LXC Bolixo components to identify the ones accessing /var/lib/bolixo. They are added to the Bolixo architecture drawing.

M bod.tlcc
M utils/bolixo-arch.tlcc
May 16 2020
Here is the first drawing produced by the new bolixo-arch utility.
svn commit 3988

Prototype of a utility to generate the Bolixo architecture in the new Bolixo white board. The utility bolixo-arch scans all the source code and the *.proto files. It identifies relations between the various Bolixo components (lxc0s). It creates graphical elements on a white board called bolixo-arch.whi and then generates all the lines showing the relations.

It will be used in the technical documentation.

M Makefile
May 15 2020
svn commit 3987

This is the official release of the whiteboard in production. Extensive documentation was written in English and French.

M bolixo.spec
M scripts/
M scripts/
M update-script